The Cardboard Jungle
Episode 32-I Got Time For That!

Anthony & Matt talk about game length and its effect on depth, gameplay, enjoyment and replayability. 

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Bonus- New Mage In Town

Anthony sits down with Scott Morris (AKA Tox) to discuss his new role with Arcane Wonders as well as the future of Mage Wars, Crits Happen & where Jimmy Hoffa is buried...ok not so much the last one.

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Episode 31- Mass Confusion

Matt & Anthony recap their long list of games played at TotalCon

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Episode 30-Two By Two

Anthony & Matt have to work as a duo again in Paul's absence and decide its a great time to discuss their favorite 2 player games. They answer some more listener's questions and welcome the folks from Board With Life to the show to discuss their show & KS project.

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The Cardboard Jungle boys start off 2014 with a discussion of how a game's back story adds to the gaming experience.

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