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Ep52-Take A Chance

The boys discuss expanding your gaming repitoire beyond your comfort zone

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Ep51-TotalCon 2015

Anthony, Matt & Paul run through all of the great games they got to play at TotalCon a couple weeks back.

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The boys get organized and discuss how they sort, store and transport their games.


Games discussed on the show

-Room 25: Season 2

-La Isla

-One Zero One


- Zombicide:Rue Morgue

-Puerto Rico

-Epic Dice:Tower Defense



-Villain Tactics

...and more


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Ep49- Late To The Party

Took awhile to get this out but the boys are back to discuss predictions for 2015.

Matt gives his faves of 2014 list...Anthony amends his a little.


Games discussed include...

-Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge

-Imperial Assault


-Dino Race

...and more



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Ep48-Schnitzel with Noodles

Anthony & Paul talk about their favorite games of 2014 & their 2015 resolutions.

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Ep47- Go Stuff Yourself

Anthony & Paul talk about the good things that come in small packages in know the stuff that makes perfect stocking stuffers.

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Ep46- Caught In A Trap

Anthony & Paul recap all of the games they got to play at Lobster Trap plus a new Sheriff of Nottingham contest (ends 11/30) 

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Ep45-Frozen-Let It Go!

The CBJ crew talks about dealing with players with Analysis Paralysis & those who take games too seriously. Do you want to play a boardgame? Yes..but maybe not with you ;)

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Ep44-Meister Oktober

The boys are jealous of everyone going to Essen Spiel but they take the time to talk about some of the games they are most excited about coming out at the fair this year.

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Episode 42-Topical Storm

With Matt away, Anthony invites friends Lance Myxter & Chaz Marler over to guest host. Format be damned!!

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