The Cardboard Jungle (Podcast Episode)

The boys are back with a big contest...and even bigger announcement...and a conversation about the good, the bad and the ugly of Kickstarter

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Anthony, Paul & Kevin discuss what they want to see in a gaming convention.


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Anthony, Paul & Kevin discuss how they see the Seven Deadly Sins manifested in the board gaming hobby

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The boys take a look back at 2017 in gaming

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Anthony, Paul & Kevin give a recap and their impressions of the very first PAX Unplugged....does it have the right stuff?

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Anthony and Kevin discuss the new publishing company Anthony teased on Twitter, Hexagram 62 Games Studio

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While Anthony's away the mice will play...farming games.


Other Games Discussed...

Bunny Kingdom (IELLO)

The Climbers (Capstone Games/Simply Complex)

Sentient (Renegade Games)


Kickstarters Discussed...

Downfall (Tasty Minstrel Games)

7th Continent (Serious Poulp)

Legends of Sleepy Hollow (Fabled Nexus)

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Anthony, Paul & Kevin reveal their Most Anticipated Games of Essen Spiel 2017


KS Spotlight: End of the Trail (Elf Creek Games)


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Anthony, Kevin & Paul discuss what turns them off in gaming.


Games Discussed:

Fate of the Elder Gods (Fabled Nexus)

Century Gollum Edition


What's in our carts?  Find out what the guys are currently looking to purchase.


Contest for $100 GC to the FLGS of your choice


Link to fund raiser for Gina

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Anthony welcomes Kevin, the newest member of the crew, in this rise from the ashes new episode of CBJP


Games discussed...

Alien Artifacts (Portal Games)

The Godfather (CMON)

Nemo's War (Victory Point Games)

Wasteland Express Delivery Service (Pandasaurus)

Founders of Gloomhaven (Cepholafair)


CBJP is a proud member of the Tasty Minstrel Games Media Network


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Anthony and Paul discuss several games they've played and talk about their love hate relationship with reprints. 

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The CBJP crew puts their heads together to come up with their list of 50 Favorite Designers...Easy, right?

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Anthony & Paul talk about hype in board games and how it positively and negatively can affect people.

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EP76-I'm So Excited

The gang takes a look at the games they are most looking forward to, make a few resolutions and some predictions for 2017.

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Ep75-Red Rover

Anthony & Paul welcome Ignacy Trzewiczek to discuss First Martians and other things going on at Portal Games

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Ep74-On The Edge Of 17

The boys end the year/start the year by asking each other questions on various topics...what could go wrong?

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The boys talk about all the games they played at this years Lobster Trap (No cows were injured during the recording)

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Ep 72-Talking Back

Anthony and Paul are back at it interjecting their opinions into topics discussed on other podcasts

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Ep71- Enter The Dargon

Anthony welcomes back Lance Myxter the Undead Viking to the co-host seat to talk about all things Tasty Minstrel Games

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Matt, Paul & Anthony count down their top most anticipated games of Essen Spiel 2016

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Ep69- After The Gold Rush

Anthony & Paul recap their adventures at GenCon. Games, stories and impressions (figurative & literal) 

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Ep68-CONtractual Obligation

You kind of HAVE TO record a GenCon preview episode, right? Here is ours...

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Ep67-Two Cents

Anthony & Paul weigh in on some topics discussed on other podcasts

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Ep66-In Through The Out Door

The boys talk about what makes games enter and leave their game collections

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Ep65-Faves of Fifteen

It's that time again...time for us to pick our favorite game from the previous year. Did your favorite make the list?

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Ep64-Podcast Podcast

When Anthony & Paul aren't recording their own podcast, they are listening to someone else's. Come hear them talk about which ones they like and why.

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Ep 63-DefCon

The boys are back from TotalCon and talk about what does and doesn't make a great convention experience.

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Ep62-Any Questions

Rather than ask the audience for questions, the CBJ guys decide to ask each other some questions and hilarity ensues

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Ep61-Suck It Up, Buttercup!

With GenCon housing day being a disappointment for so many, Anthony & Paul discuss whether GenCon has outgrown Indianapolis or not.

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Ep 60-Crystal Balls

Anthony & Paul talk about last years predictions and make some new ones for 2016

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Ep59-Advent of Gaming Part 2

The flurry of games continues in Part 2 of this final episode for 2015. Happy New Year everyone!

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Ep58-Advent Of Gaming Part 1

The boys bring 2015 to an end with a flurry of games in part 1 of this special year end episode. 

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Ep57-$#*! Gamers Say

The boys let loose on some things they hear from the gaming community that quite frankly drive them crazy. Straight jackets not included.

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Ep56-Game Eat Game

It's time for the annual wishlist of new games being released at Essen and the gang is excited. And soon poorer.

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Ep55- Back In Black

The boys are back in town w/ a recap of their GenCon 2015 experience and a look back at Essen 2014

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Ep 53-Mrs Garrett and the Infinite Sadness

Anthony & Matt talk about disappointments in gaming and wait for Mrs G to bring them cookies and cocoa to cheer them up.

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KIck Me 003-Commissioned

Anthony chats with Patrick & Katherine Lysaght of Chara Games about their co-op game Commissioned

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Kick Me 002-Dark Dealings

Anthony chats with Bryan Fischer of Nevermore Games about their latest offering on Kickstarter, Dark Dealings

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Ep 1-Come Out And Play w/ Rolling Dice & Taking Names

Anthony hangs out and shoots the breeze with fellow podcasters Marty and Tony from Rolling Dice & Taking Names

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Kick Me 001-Wombat Rescue

In this first episode of Kick Me, Anthony sits down with Matt Wolfe to talk about his game Wombat Rescue which launches on Kickstarter 5/15 from Eagle Gryphon Games

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Ep52-Take A Chance

The boys discuss expanding your gaming repitoire beyond your comfort zone

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Ep51-TotalCon 2015

Anthony, Matt & Paul run through all of the great games they got to play at TotalCon a couple weeks back.

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Ep48-Schnitzel with Noodles

Anthony & Paul talk about their favorite games of 2014 & their 2015 resolutions.

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Ep47- Go Stuff Yourself

Anthony & Paul talk about the good things that come in small packages in know the stuff that makes perfect stocking stuffers.

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Ep46- Caught In A Trap

Anthony & Paul recap all of the games they got to play at Lobster Trap plus a new Sheriff of Nottingham contest (ends 11/30) 

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Ep45-Frozen-Let It Go!

The CBJ crew talks about dealing with players with Analysis Paralysis & those who take games too seriously. Do you want to play a boardgame? Yes..but maybe not with you ;)

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Ep44-Meister Oktober

The boys are jealous of everyone going to Essen Spiel but they take the time to talk about some of the games they are most excited about coming out at the fair this year.

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Episode 42-Topical Storm

With Matt away, Anthony invites friends Lance Myxter & Chaz Marler over to guest host. Format be damned!!

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Anthony chats at the fence with designer Kevin Wilson about his work with Fantasy Flight & his upcoming games

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Anthony chats with Sean Brown of Mr B Games about Steampunk Fantasy Alien Pirate Cowboys...or something like that.

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Anthony welcomes back Scott "Tox" Morris to discuss Sheriff of Nottingham, Firefly Dice Game & GenCon

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Ep41-Vini Vidi Lusi

Matt & Anthony are joined by gaming friend Keith Collins to discuss their experience at GenCon 2014

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Bonus-Funding Nemo

Anthony sits down with Mike Friesen of Lamp Light Games to discuss their new KS for Nautilus Industries as well as their upcoming release Space Junk

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Ep40-GenCon Preview

Anthony & Matt discuss their most anticipated games from this years GenCon

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Ep39-You Oughta Be In Cardboard

Anthony & Matt are joined by Ricky Perez from Let's Level Up to discuss making games out of other media sources & vice versa.

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Episode 38-Prose and Cons

Anthony & Paul welcome author, blogger & photographer Scott King to the 3rd chair to talk boardgames & give convention tips.

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BONUS-Winter Is Coming

Anthony sits down with Jonathan Gilmour & Isaac Vega, the designers of the much anticipated game Dead of Winter from Plaid Hat Games.

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SPECIAL-Whose Turn Is It Anyway?

Take a sneak peek at the new Cardboard Studios podcast hosted by Robin Lees. WTIIA takes a fresh improvisational look at the boardgaming hobby as a cast of revolving panelists discuss various games and topics. Follow them on Twitter @WhosePodcast and subscribe to their feed so you don't miss out on any of their episodes. Their first full episode is also available here

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Ep37-It's Not What You Think!

Anthony, Paul & Matt talk about games that aren't very appealing at first glance but are fantastic and vice versa.

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The boys celebrate their 2 year anniversary as a podcast the only way they know how.

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Ep35-Breaking The Rules

Matt & Anthony talk about the good, the bad & the ugly when it comes to game rulebooks

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Bonus-Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie & Chevee Dodd

Anthony sits down with Chevee Dodd to discuss his games, graphic design and things to do with your wood.

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Bonus-And There You Have It!!

Anthony chats with board game reviewer Ryan Metzler from The Dice Tower about reviewing games, his position at Northstar Games and more.

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Episode 34-Look Ma! Top of the World!!

Anthony, Matt & Paul answer the one question they get asked the most...What are your Top 10 games?

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Episode 33-Why So Serious?

Matt & Anthony talk about what gaming is all about. FUN! Hear about some of the games they like to play just for the laughs.

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Bonus-Fantastic Mr Fox

Anthony sits down over a cup of tea with Michael Fox to discuss the many hats he wears in the boardgame hobby.

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Bonus-High on Wine & Wood

Anthony & Matt are joined by Matthias Nagy from What's Your Game? to discuss various topics about game design, production & promotion in both US & European markets

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Episode 32-I Got Time For That!

Anthony & Matt talk about game length and its effect on depth, gameplay, enjoyment and replayability. 

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Bonus- New Mage In Town

Anthony sits down with Scott Morris (AKA Tox) to discuss his new role with Arcane Wonders as well as the future of Mage Wars, Crits Happen & where Jimmy Hoffa is buried...ok not so much the last one.

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Episode 31- Mass Confusion

Matt & Anthony recap their long list of games played at TotalCon

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Episode 30-Two By Two

Anthony & Matt have to work as a duo again in Paul's absence and decide its a great time to discuss their favorite 2 player games. They answer some more listener's questions and welcome the folks from Board With Life to the show to discuss their show & KS project.

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The Cardboard Jungle boys start off 2014 with a discussion of how a game's back story adds to the gaming experience.

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