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Anthony and Kevin discuss the new publishing company Anthony teased on Twitter, Hexagram 62 Games Studio

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While Anthony's away the mice will play...farming games.


Other Games Discussed...

Bunny Kingdom (IELLO)

The Climbers (Capstone Games/Simply Complex)

Sentient (Renegade Games)


Kickstarters Discussed...

Downfall (Tasty Minstrel Games)

7th Continent (Serious Poulp)

Legends of Sleepy Hollow (Fabled Nexus)

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Anthony, Paul & Kevin reveal their Most Anticipated Games of Essen Spiel 2017


KS Spotlight: End of the Trail (Elf Creek Games)


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Anthony, Kevin & Paul discuss what turns them off in gaming.


Games Discussed:

Fate of the Elder Gods (Fabled Nexus)

Century Gollum Edition


What's in our carts?  Find out what the guys are currently looking to purchase.


Contest for $100 GC to the FLGS of your choice


Link to fund raiser for Gina

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Anthony welcomes Kevin, the newest member of the crew, in this rise from the ashes new episode of CBJP


Games discussed...

Alien Artifacts (Portal Games)

The Godfather (CMON)

Nemo's War (Victory Point Games)

Wasteland Express Delivery Service (Pandasaurus)

Founders of Gloomhaven (Cepholafair)


CBJP is a proud member of the Tasty Minstrel Games Media Network


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Anthony and Paul discuss several games they've played and talk about their love hate relationship with reprints. 

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The CBJP crew puts their heads together to come up with their list of 50 Favorite Designers...Easy, right?

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Anthony & Paul talk about hype in board games and how it positively and negatively can affect people.

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EP76-I'm So Excited

The gang takes a look at the games they are most looking forward to, make a few resolutions and some predictions for 2017.

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Ep75-Red Rover

Anthony & Paul welcome Ignacy Trzewiczek to discuss First Martians and other things going on at Portal Games

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Ep74-On The Edge Of 17

The boys end the year/start the year by asking each other questions on various topics...what could go wrong?

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