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Ep58-Advent Of Gaming Part 1

The boys bring 2015 to an end with a flurry of games in part 1 of this special year end episode. 

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Ep57-$#*! Gamers Say

The boys let loose on some things they hear from the gaming community that quite frankly drive them crazy. Straight jackets not included.

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Ep56-Game Eat Game

It's time for the annual wishlist of new games being released at Essen and the gang is excited. And soon poorer.

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Ep55- Back In Black

The boys are back in town w/ a recap of their GenCon 2015 experience and a look back at Essen 2014

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Ep 53-Mrs Garrett and the Infinite Sadness

Anthony & Matt talk about disappointments in gaming and wait for Mrs G to bring them cookies and cocoa to cheer them up.

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KIck Me 003-Commissioned

Anthony chats with Patrick & Katherine Lysaght of Chara Games about their co-op game Commissioned

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Kick Me 002-Dark Dealings

Anthony chats with Bryan Fischer of Nevermore Games about their latest offering on Kickstarter, Dark Dealings

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Ep 1-Come Out And Play w/ Rolling Dice & Taking Names

Anthony hangs out and shoots the breeze with fellow podcasters Marty and Tony from Rolling Dice & Taking Names

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Kick Me 001-Wombat Rescue

In this first episode of Kick Me, Anthony sits down with Matt Wolfe to talk about his game Wombat Rescue which launches on Kickstarter 5/15 from Eagle Gryphon Games

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Ep52-Take A Chance

The boys discuss expanding your gaming repitoire beyond your comfort zone

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Ep51-TotalCon 2015

Anthony, Matt & Paul run through all of the great games they got to play at TotalCon a couple weeks back.

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The boys get organized and discuss how they sort, store and transport their games.


Games discussed on the show

-Room 25: Season 2

-La Isla

-One Zero One


- Zombicide:Rue Morgue

-Puerto Rico

-Epic Dice:Tower Defense



-Villain Tactics

...and more


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Ep49- Late To The Party

Took awhile to get this out but the boys are back to discuss predictions for 2015.

Matt gives his faves of 2014 list...Anthony amends his a little.


Games discussed include...

-Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge

-Imperial Assault


-Dino Race

...and more



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